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I started my stone business in Vermont more than ten years ago. My specialty is locating exceptionally beautiful aged and weathered stones for my clients for instance for

-- a personalized engraved natural stone bench or table,

-- natural stone steps, garden edging or walls,

-- a carved stone fence post, a decorative millstone, a fountain or other natural water feature

-- a personalized engraved memorial bench or standing stone

I am using natural stone, usually granite, but also limestone and marble, reclaimed and recycled from old foundations, buildings, walls or old quarries in New England, stone with a natural luster and the patina of age. Newly quarried stone from other parts of the country is also available.
All my work is custom-made and can be personalized with engravings.


I live and work in Southern Vermont near Black Mountain iwith its eroded granite domes, marked by chatter marks from shifting erratics during the ice age.

granite dome with chatter marks

Bill Jacques, StonePost Corp
625 Black Mountain Rd
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Tel 802-254-3674   FAX 802-451-1994





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