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Six years ago I started out as a broker of stone. I help people find the right stones for a landscaping project. Over the years I have acquired a network of connections with people who sell and buy stone, who own old quarries, who are in the demolition business of old stone buildings. I have in-depths experience, both in a technical and artistic sense, in what each project might require.

My clients come to me with an idea, a concept, a vision. I help them find out what kind of stone would work best for their landscaping or building project. Together we explore the relevance of surface, shape, and color, and in our close collaboration, the  project gradually takes shape and becomes reality. It is exhilarating when the work is finished and engages the eye and the mind in the way it was  imagined.

This process should   provide equal satisfaction to me, the broker, and to the buyer. I consider myself only successful in so far as this is true. I love my work and can't imagine a better job.

Bill Jacques
July 2, 2006

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