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                   R E C L A I M E D   A R C H I T E C T U R A L   S T O N E

1800's Various Large Granite Block Abutments from Rail Road Bridges in New England

1830 Ewing Stone Mill in Clarendon, VT.
Reclaimed material is local fieldstone.

1864 Charles Street Prison in Boston, MA.
Reclaimed material is "Quincy Granite Block" from Quincy, MA.

1870 One Room Vermont Schoolhouse
Reclaimed material is local fieldstone.

1880 Two Vermont Marble Block Buildings

1895 The Rhode Island State Capitol in Providence, RI
Reclaimed material is "Georgia White Marble"

1909 State Capitol Building in Albany, New York
Reclaimed material is Terra Cotta Roof Tile and Black Slate.

1916 The Daniel L. Herrmann Federal Courthouse in Wilmington, DE
The Architect was Henry Hornsbostel of the firm of Palmer & Hornbostel.
Reclaimed material is "Milford Pink" granite from Milford, MA. The quarry is closed.

1950 Bell Atlantic Tower Office Building in Boston, MA
Reclaimed material is Indiana "Buff Select" Limestone. Panels measure 3' x 3' x 3.75"

1950 State Capitol Plaza in Albany, New York
Reclaimed material is Vermont "Columbia Pink" granite.

Granite plaza paving panels measure 6' x 6' x 3".
1980s Black Granite Curbing from the Prudential Building in Boston, MA